Letter from the Executive Chairman

As a result of the combined efforts of our partners and employees, we have significantly improved alignment across our operations and strengthened our capability in the areas where we can lead, which has helped to strengthen our market share and better insulate our business from the impact of factors beyond our control. The benefits of these changes were evident in our performance during the second half of our fiscal year, and particularly in our fourth fiscal quarter.

In recent years, our business and our industry have been confronted with significant challenges that not only impacted our financial performance, but forced an important dialogue across our organization. While a number of these challenges were beyond our control, I believe that the response to an environment of profound change was managed admirably across our organization. Under the leadership of Dan Daviau and his Global Operating Committee, employees in all businesses were encouraged to work as partners, and to help identify and eliminate any barriers that were inhibiting us from leading the market in our key focus areas. In connection with this initiative, we also took steps to improve equity participation, to more closely align our employees with our shareholders. This improved partnership culture has underpinned our ability to deliver globally coordinated ideas and timely execution for entrepreneurs and investors around the world.

An explicit element of our longer term strategy to improve stability across our organization is to adjust our business mix toward activities that contribute to a more stable earnings foundation and ultimately attract higher multiples in the market. With this in mind, we are moving forward with our strategy to significantly grow our wealth management operations in Canada, the UK & Europe and Australia. Our goal is to significantly increase contributions from our global wealth management businesses over the next several years. This increased contribution will provide a more stable earnings threshold that will be further enhanced by our global capital markets operations when market conditions are favourable for mid-market growth sectors in our key markets.

Our wealth management businesses are uniquely well positioned to attract opportunities arising from the industry-wide migration towards standardized solutions for clients. By leveraging the strengths of our deep global expertise, along with our exceptional product offering, our Investment Advisory Teams are able to provide a highly competitive suite of bespoke services for high net worth and mass affluent investors in each of our markets.

We have also continued to place a strong emphasis on monitoring risk across our operations and ensuring that we are appropriately resourced to manage challenges in the market and regulatory environments where we operate. The Board remains committed to ensuring the firm has a strong capital position to execute on opportunities and continue to protect value for shareholders.

Subsequent to the end of the fiscal year, we announced a revised dividend policy that allows us to return a portion of net earnings to our common shareholders, while balancing the inherent variability of our operating environment. Looking ahead, we expect to be able to return 25% to 50% of net earnings attributable to common shareholders on an annual basis.

Throughout the organization, we have a robust set of assets to draw upon, as we reshape our business for stronger performance in a continuously evolving market environment. We have a more integrated business model and an established track record of delivering world-class ideas and solutions for our clients, ample working capital and a leadership team that is closely aligned with our shareholders through direct investment and a stronger net income focus.

We enter fiscal 2018 with optimism about our market position and our long term strategy. As we continue to improve our business mix, I am confident that Canaccord Genuity Group is very well positioned to continually grow our revenues, achieve above-average market share and deliver growing long term returns for our fellow shareholders.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to thank the leadership team and all employees of Canaccord Genuity Group for their commitment to building a stronger and more productive organization. As we continue to execute on our strategy, we are fortunate to employ a diverse group of resilient and hard-working professionals who are committed to delivering success for their clients, their colleagues and their fellow shareholders.

And to my fellow shareholders, I thank you for your ongoing support as we continue to advance on our strategy. We remain committed to producing value for you in all of our endeavours.

David Kassie
Executive Chairman
Canaccord Genuity Group Inc.

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