Fiscal 2020 Annual Report

All markets present challenges and opportunities, and we recognize that it is our responsibility to navigate the challenges and find the right opportunities.

Dan Daviau President & CEO
Canaccord Genuity Group Inc.
Fiscal 2020 Annual Report

Letter from the president & CEO

We continue to be very disciplined in managing our exposure to risk, with prudent oversight to ensure compliance with best practices and regulatory requirements.

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Letter from the executive Chairman

I believe our business is advantageously positioned to capture market share as we continue guiding our clients through a rapidly changing market backdrop.

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The solid financial performance that we delivered in fiscal 2020 reflects our efforts to increase recurring revenue contributions from our global wealth management businesses while intensifying our efforts to grow our share of higher margin capital markets activities. We have achieved a balanced business mix that can perform in all markets.

Revenue (C$ millions, fiscal years ended March 31)
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Net Income (Loss)(1) (C$ millions, fiscal years ended March 31)
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Diluted Earnings (Loss) Per Share(1) (C$, fiscal years ended March 31)
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