Fiscal 2020 Annual Report

Global Performance

All business units contributed to our profitability in fiscal 2020, and this is the third consecutive year that total firm-wide revenues have surpassed $1 billion.

$1.2B fiscal 2020 revenue
$0.81 fiscal 2020 diluted earnings per share(1)
57% fiscal 2020 EPS(1) contributed by global wealth management
$80M returned to shareholders in fiscal 2020
7% fiscal 2020 reduction in outstanding common shares

Our Company is demonstrating the resilience and stability that we have been working to achieve in recent years. As a result of our efforts, we were able to return $80 million to our shareholders through dividends and share buybacks and reduced our outstanding common shares by 7% during fiscal 2020.

Fiscal 2020 EPS(1) Contribution by Business Segment Fiscal 2020 EPS Contribution by Business Segment chart
Fiscal 2020 Revenue by Division Fiscal 2020 Revenue by Division chart
Income (Loss) before Income Taxes(1) – Contributions by Business Segment (C$ millions, fiscal years ended March 31)
Net Income (Loss) before Income Taxes chart
Geographic Distribution of Revenue (Percentage of total fiscal year revenue)
Geographic Distribution of Revenue chart
Total Expenses as a Percentage of Revenue(1) (Fiscal years ended March 31)
Total Expenses as a Percent of Revenue chart
  • (1) These figures exclude significant items. Figures excluding significant items are non-IFRS measures. See Non-IFRS Measures on page 14 of our MD&A.