Fiscal 2020 Annual Report

Canaccord Genuity Capital Markets

Our global capital markets operations provide investment banking, advisory, sales, trading, equity research and fixed income services to corporate and institutional clients around the world. Independent advice and a globally integrated service model are the hallmarks of our ability to lead the market in key sectors of the global economy. During fiscal 2020, we continued to diversify our revenue streams and establish leadership in our core focus sectors, improving our stability through market cycles.

$51.7B raised for global growth companies in fiscal 2020

We are leaders in facilitating a robust market for small and mid-size companies in emerging growth and value sectors. During the fiscal year, we participated in over 370 transactions for global growth companies.

46% year-over-year increase in advisory revenues

Our specialized expertise in key sectors of the economy allows us to see ahead of the curve and unlock opportunities for companies at every stage of the business cycle.

Global Capital Markets Revenue (C$ millions, fiscal years ended March 31)
Global Capital Markets Revenue chart

In the context of lower overall industry volumes for capital raising driven by global growth concerns, trade tensions and the unprecedented market disruption attributable to the onset of the Covid-19 crisis, our full-year revenue amounted to $689.5 million, a solid result by historical standards.

Healthy levels of client engagement and cross-border collaboration supported a productive fiscal year for all activities in our global capital markets business.

Our efforts to improve product and revenue diversity in our capital markets business are helping us improve our competitive position, while simultaneously enhancing value for our shareholders.


By staying focused in our established areas of strength, we were able to increase revenue from advisory activities by 46% year over year to a record $206 million. When the dramatic market downturn in March impacted our capital raising and M&A activities, our restructuring teams stepped forward to win several new mandates and our trading and specialty desks successfully managed through the volatility, placing CG ahead of our mid-market peers.


Fiscal 2020 saw increased contributions from our activities in the life sciences, technology and mining sectors, which are positioned to benefit from the changes in our operating environment. We also continued to establish success in alternative financing vehicles, such as SPACs, which provide an attractive option for private companies looking for access to public capital. We take very seriously our role in helping small- and mid-cap companies access the capital and relationships that are essential to helping them move their businesses forward and confront new challenges.


With support from a unified network of sales, trading, research and banking professionals, Canaccord Genuity has been a leader in facilitating lasting connections between global growth companies and the investors who follow them. Since transitioning to a remote working environment, we have created thousands of virtual touchpoints for our clients through online conferences, corporate access roadshows, and timely and informative market updates. We are using this experience to advance our collaboration and client engagement practices as we adjust to new market realities.

Fiscal 2020 Capital Markets Revenue by Region
Fiscal 2019 Revenue by Activity pie chart
Fiscal 2020 Capital Markets Revenue by Activity
Fiscal 2019 Revenue by Region pie chart