Fiscal 2020 Annual Report

Our Commitment

Our business and our industry are certainly not immune to the economic and financial impacts of Covid-19, and we are preparing for significant near-term headwinds. No matter what the environment presents, we will remain committed to aggressively adding value for our clients while creating long-term shareholder value, as we strive to emerge from this crisis as a stronger company.

  • We will continue to be guided by our long-term values and manage our business for stability and predictability.
  • We will commit to staying agile and innovative, so that we can move swiftly into new areas of opportunity.
  • We will protect the strength of our balance sheet and manage our capital prudently, just as we would in any market backdrop.

While it is too early to predict the shape of the recovery, we are confident that we have the appropriate business mix, competitive position and culture to make our coming fiscal year very productive.