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corporate Magazine | vol. 6 August 2014 |
To us there are no foreign markets.
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The Global
Each month, Canaccord Genuity’s industry leading
strategists share global perspectives and analysis
in our flagship publication,
The Global Exchange
Our strategists analyze current and historic economic,
social and political trends to assess the direction
of financial markets and help guide investment and
strategic decisions for clients around the world.
With the support of their regional teams, each strategist also publishes
timely and relevant research which forms the basis of asset allocation
strategies and helps clients make critical decisions about the near- and
long-term management of their investments.
Clients of Canaccord Genuity and Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management
can also look forward to lively panel discussions and debates with our
global strategists at a variety of industry and regional conferences and
events throughout the year. Contact your Canaccord Genuity representative
for more information.
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