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corporate Magazine | vol. 6 August 2014 |
To us there are no foreign markets.
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Global Conferences
Through our global conferences, Canaccord Genuity brings business leaders and investors together, along with our
award-winning research teams, to facilitate the exchange of ideas and cultivate lasting relationships.
For more information about upcoming Canaccord Genuity conferences and events, please visit our events page
on the Canaccord Genuity website at
or email
2014 Canaccord
Genuity Infrastructure
September 11, 2014
Location: St. Andrew’s Club
& Conference Centre
S1 Room – St. Andrew’s Hall,
27th Floor
150 King Street West
Toronto, ON
8th Annual Global
Resources Conference
October 15–16, 2014
Location: Palace Hotel
455 Madison Avenue
New York, NY
34th Annual
Growth Conference
August 13–14, 2014
InterContinental Boston
510 Atlantic Avenue
Boston, MA
Guest Reservations:
2014 Digital Finance &
September 16, 2014
Location: 88 Wood Street
London, UK
2014 Medical
Technologies &
Diagnostics Forum
November 20, 2014
Location: New York
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